Lean – 3P Key to Patient-Friendly

Moose Jaw 3P

Using Lean principles for a new, patient-centred hospital, Five Hills Health Region has embarked on a design phase that will lead to the eventual opening of a new regional hospital in 2015, east of the Western Development Museum, near the Trans-Canada Highway.

Moose Jaw 3P modelOne of the tools for the building project is 3P, which stands for Production Preparation Process. A 3P is an intensive five-day learning journey that focuses on designing a facility where patient care and experience is its greatest priority.

Together with a team of architects and builders, this group of more than 40 people – including staff, physicians, patients and their families – engaged collaboratively from April 16 to 20 to think creatively, problem-solve instinctively, and design work outside the box. Teams developed floor plan drawings, built scaled floor plans and full-scale room mock-ups.

Health region employees and patient representative volunteers are doing most of the design work. The opportunity to hear patient voices and learn from their experiences during this important foundation-building stage is a vital part of the 3P process.

“Putting patients first means listening to their insights and inviting their participation in the design of ‘their’ facility,”

Five Hills CEO Cheryl Craig said.

“They have a perspective that those of us who are part of the system often don’t see. So their participation right from the outset will help us build our services around their needs.”

All team members will be able to contribute to the design beyond the 3P week as the architects will meet with each team at 30- , 60-, and 90-day intervals, bringing with them architectural drawings of the designed floor plans along with additional new floor plan ideas for team members to discuss and consider.

The second 3P took place the week of June 11. Construction is expected to begin in the spring of 2013.

To see a video on this event, go to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQYBVewa5Gs

– Originally published in Transforming Health Care Through Lean – Summer 2012.  Submitted by Mike Benallick, FHHR Quality Improvement Consultant



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