New network structure means more time for home care clients in Regina Qu’Appelle


Primary Health Care in Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region has redesigned its urban home care services to improve efficiency and create more time for client care.

By dividing Regina into three geographic areas (networks), multidisciplinary teams that support each network are now located closer to clients. Continuing care assistants (CCAs) travel 5.6% less to provide care – a saving of approximately 39,000 km/year – and spend 5% more time with clients – which adds up to additional 9,098 hours in one year. RQ’s multidisciplinary teams comprise a director, manager, scheduler, nurses, social workers, physiotherapists, continuing care assistants (CCAs), and other care providers.

Schedulers, now part of the care team, adjust CCAs’ client visit schedules daily, rather than weekly. This has significantly reduced the time staff spends reworking schedules.

“Now, we have fewer complaints and fewer mistakes, higher consistency, less injury and happier clients.”
(Daren Haygarth, Primary Health Care Manager)

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