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Ninety per cent reduction in scrub inventory gives staff room to roam

Terry Gottselig, a uniform clerk with Regina General Hospital’s (RGH’s) Uniform Room, recently said two words she never thought she’d hear herself say again: “I’m ahead.” The last time she remembers having such a sense of accomplishment was nearly a decade ago. Gottselig and her colleagues, whose tasks include dispensing scrubs and uniforms to RGH’s […]
Resident rolling cutlery

Recent changes at Tisdale’s Newmarket Place making residents feel more at home

Residents in one cottage at Tisdale’s Newmarket Place are getting more personal attention from care staff thanks to recent changes in the set-up process for lunchtime meals. The continuing care aides (CCA) who work in Cottage 500 carry out a variety of tasks daily. Until recently, only just over half of those tasks involved interaction […]