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Ninety per cent reduction in scrub inventory gives staff room to roam

Terry Gottselig, a uniform clerk with Regina General Hospital’s (RGH’s) Uniform Room, recently said two words she never thought she’d hear herself say again: “I’m ahead.” The last time she remembers having such a sense of accomplishment was nearly a decade ago. Gottselig and her colleagues, whose tasks include dispensing scrubs and uniforms to RGH’s […]

Daily safety huddles in Mamawetan ensure faster communication

The leadership team in Mamawetan Churchill River Health Region (MCRHR) has made safety a top priority for their organization. By implemented safety huddles and daily safety visual management, safety is talked about every day. These are two of the 17 key elements of the Safety Alert/Stop the Line Initiative. And, they are evidence-based processes that […]

New network structure means more time for home care clients in Regina Qu’Appelle

Primary Health Care in Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region has redesigned its urban home care services to improve efficiency and create more time for client care. By dividing Regina into three geographic areas (networks), multidisciplinary teams that support each network are now located closer to clients. Continuing care assistants (CCAs) travel 5.6% less to provide care […]